We'd like to welcome the newest addition to our Developing Athlete Programme, twelve-year-old Robbie Griffith. 

Robbie is an exeptional young man with real talent, passion and dedication to the discipline, and we are sure he has a bright future on our mentoring programme and in parkour in general. For a look at Robbie in action, watch the video here.. 

The Developing Athletes Programme is intended to identify and assist those talented younger practitioners who may wish to take the discipline further, and is focussed on helping them maintain a balance between a rounded and full life and training as a performance athlete and/or parkour instructor.

DAP provides these young athletes with a support system, bespoke coaching advice, training assistance, and many opportunities to gain experience in the professional field. DAP is effectively a mentoring programme for talented young athletes to enable those who have gone before to pass on their experience, knowledge and wisdom to those who may become the future of the discipline.

Joining the Developing Athlete Programme involves a rigorous two-month assessment phase followed by a series of interviews, before being admitted and assigned a mentor from our senior team. 

For more information about the Developing Athletes Programme please contact us on contact@parkourgenerations.com