Legendary film-maker Julie Angel has just released a new short film that resulted from last year's American Rendezvous event in Columbus, Ohio. 10 members of the PKGen team and Yamakasi founders went out to coach the event, and this video is a shout-out to all those who came to train for the 3 days. The event was a great success and huge amounts of fun, and this video is a fantastic reminder of the sun, scenery and spirit of those few days. Hit the link to watch.

Don't miss American Rendezvous III, which happens this very month, May 26-28 again in Ohio! A host of the team will be out there to coach throughout, along with Chau Belle and Yann Hnautra of the Yamakasi founders. And we can promise you that this time it's going to be quite a unique event... ;)

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