With the upcoming One Giant Leap global jam against climate change now officially the largest communal jam the world has ever seen, with over 3000 traceurs registered to lead the events in more than 60 cities worldwide(!!), we are now happy to announce that the UK jam will be held at the iconic Imax location near London's Southbank on Saturday, September 26th. The jam will kick off late morning and run as long as it wants, with Parkour Generations and other well-known traceurs present to lead the charge. We will be distributing the official event t-shirt for free to the practitioners who take part, and hopefully do our bit to raise awareness for this very worthy cause ahead of the vital Copenhagen Summit in December. For more details, click here or visit the event's Facebook Page, or just come along on the day! Nearest station is Waterloo, just look for the Imax building and you won't be able to miss us... ;)