Earlier in the year we sent a few of our team to Birmingham University where they underwent a series of tests as part of a study aimed at learning more on energy expenditure in Orangutans. The premise was that Traceurs move in a similar way to the primates and therefore would be able to reveal how energy was conserved or spent moving around the Orangutans rainforest home.

As Birmingham is fresh out of rainforests, a gymnastic centre was used to create a course for the Traceurs to move around whilst their oxygen expenditure was monitored via breathing apparatus. Another test in the study involved the bending of a pole to reach a rope which replicated how Orangutans move between trees. Both of these tests are shown in the video attached to the BBC news piece on the results of the study which can be found here.

There is also a summary from Roehampton University (who also took part in the study) here.

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