The keen-eyed amongst you will notice that we have added several more sessions to our weekly roster of Academy Classes in and around London, bringing the toal to 19 per week.  

In particular we have opened up a few new classes in the south of the London area, which are all now operating on a weekly basis and are open for you to dive in on, these being:

Latchmere Leisure Centre - Battersea

Devonway Sports Centre - Chessington

And we have new Youth Academies operating here:

Devonway Youth Centre - Chessington

Queen Mother Sports Centre - Victoria

Plus, we have now added a brand new Outdoor Class every Monday night at our LEAP parkour facility in Paddington. 

We estimate between 500-700 people attend our Academy Classes in London every week, which just goes to show the incredible reach of parkour. The Academy is always expanding, so keep checking back to see if there is a class opening up near you ;)