This month sees a world first with us touring south-east Asia to run a series of training events and ADAPT coaching qualification courses across the region. 

Beginning in the Philippines this coming week we will then be moving on to Singapore and Thailand, deliving a Level 1 ADAPT course in each country, hosted by our regional parters and official fitness qualifying body, FIT.

Details of the ADAPT courses and seminars can be found on our Facebook Events pages here:

Manila, Philippines -  ADAPT 10-12 August and Seminar 13/14 August

Singapore - ADAPT 17-19 August and Seminar 20/21 August

Bangkok, Thailand - ADAPT 24-26 August and Seminar 27/28 August

Don't forget to book a place if you're in the area and come meet Stephane and Dan as well as the local organisations who will be hosting the seminars in each country. This will be an hostroic few weeks for parkour in the region, something not to be missed if you're serious about training and/or coaching the discipline!

For more information, you can email us on

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