On Tuesday 31st July, Dan will be speaking as part of a two week series of lectures and presentations reporting on the cultural life of London during the Olympic Games, an event hosted by the London College of Communications and citizenM. Dan will be talking on alternative urban activities and the potential uses of the city. 

citizenM, a new breed of hotel that arrived in London on 4 July 2012, will turn its guests into reporters embracing social media in a two week event series called citizenM Reports with the aim of offering a cultural voice during the Olympic period. Organised in collaboration with The London College of Communication, University of Arts London, citizenM Bankside will become a dynamic hub of activity through a programme of daily events, hosting a guest network, social media workshops and speaker series at the hotel from 30 July to 10 August.

"As a new neighbour, we really wanted to capture what happens to a city like London when the Olympics come to town. We will create a platform and invite hotel guests and Londoners alike to document the vibrant atmosphere of the city during this exciting time,” said Robin Chadha, citizenM’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Over the course of ten days, citizenM Reports will be buzzing with expert led workshops ranging from street style photography to alternative sports to foodie London and talks from the most prominent names in the media world. The citizenM Reports microsite, www.citizenM.com/reports, will showcase the many stories, photography and video captured by citizen journalists and a dedicated Twitter hashtag, #citizenMreports, will also engage the public throughout the programme.

The programme includes high profile guest speakers, leading international news channel euronews reporting live from the hotel, and workshops on topics ranging from alternative sports to street style to the growing street food trend in London.

The schedule follows below, and all events will be held between 6:00-7:00pm at the hotel. The event is free to attend, so come along and have your say!

Monday, 30 July                 Speaker: Carol Allen Storey, Documentary Photographer

                                      Photos from the Front Lines

Tuesday, 31 July                Workshop: Dan Edwardes, Parkour Generations

                                      Alternative London Street Sports   

Thursday, 2 August             Workshop: Mr. Bingo, Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Everything is Art: How to look at London (and the rest of the world) in a different way

Monday, 6 August               Workshop: Homer Sykes, Photographer

                                      The Changing Faces of London: Capturing the moment


Tuesday, 7 August              Workshop: Jamie Berger of Pitt Cue and Ellie Grace of French & Grace

                                      Street Food Revolution: London’s changing food scene, from markets to food trucks and everywhere in between


Wednesday, 8 August          Workshop: Eddie Otchere, Photographer

                                      Street Style Photography: London and beyond


Thursday, 8 August             Speaker: Mark Lebon, Photographer

Fashion Photography: out of the gutter, onto the page and into the street

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