Well, the Asia Fitness Convention 2012 is done and done - and what an event it was... Three days, 700 delegates from around the Asia region and beyond, some amazing presenters and a few traceurs crashing the proceedings in the form of Dan, Stephane, Forrest, Johann and Dom. And parkour stole the show ;)

We have just today finished running a certification course as the post-convention event, which was also a great success, and now the PKGen Asia team have returned to their base in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The AFC was the first time ever that parkour has been displayed on one of the big stages of the world's fitness industry, and it was incredibly well-received by the fanastic crowd of fitness professionals attending the event. We had a great time, and very much look forward to returning next year and seeing everyone again to put them through their paces...

We'd like to extend huge thanks to Suzanne Hosley at Fitness Innovations for organising the event and inviting us to be guest presenters, and to Fabio Comana at NASM for being so visionary in his appoach. We encountered to many amazing people there to name them all - great coaches and teachers like Fraser Quelch, Diane Vives, Sally Belanger and Emily Spichal -  but we'd like to give our respect and gratitude to all of them for making our time at the convention such good fun. 

Thanks also to Marcus and Freemove for bringing the gear and supporting throughout, and to everyone else who put so much hard work into making it such a successful event. And to all the delegates who threw themselves into our crazy world of training with such enthusiasm and spirit. Amazing stuff!

Photos and videos will follow in due course, and we'll see you all again next year!