We're hugely excited to announce the official launch of our newest international operation - Parkour Generations Americas!

Hot on the heels of Parkour Generations Asia, the Americas HQ is there to promote, spread and maintain the spirit, values and methods of parkour across the region and will act as a base for all our American projects, workshops and events. The American community has quickly developed into one of the fastest growing parkour scenes, and we have run between 5-8 community workshop and ADAPT coaching qualifications there a year for the past 4 years. With the establishment of an official base on that side of the pond, we'll be able to reach out to much more of the community and bring the benefits of this amazing discipline to whole new parts of society. 

Hit the link above to visit the PKGen Americas website, and you can also follow what we're up to via the official PKGen Americas Facebook. And we'd love to hear from you and you can email us directly on Americas@parkourgenerations.com

We'd love to hear your suggestions, thoughts, ideas for what you'd like to see us doing there over the next few months!

Stay tuned!