Sport England's new Sportivate programme includes parkour as one of its many activities, and Parkour Generations is delivering the 6-week courses in local areas.    

Sportivate is a £32 million Lottery programme that gives 14-25 year olds access to six-week courses in a range of sports including judo, golf, tennis, wakeboarding, athletics, and parkour or free running.     

Watch this video to find out why the UK's Sporting Champions think you should get involved in Sportivate. 

The programme is aimed at those who are not currently choosing to take part in sport in their own time, or are doing so for a very limited amount of time, and will support them to continue playing sport in their community after the six weeks is up. During the six weeks a participant may work towards an event or personal challenge.

Sportivate is fully inclusive and targets participants across this group, including young people who have a disability, males and females and people from people BME groups.

Sportivate is being delivered by the network of 49 county sports partnerships (CSPs), working with local clubs and providers.

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