Highlighting the contents of their bags and the shoes they are wearing at that moment in time, we have found it to be quite a revealing inside look into what traceurs/traceuses like to carry around with them from day to day.

The sixth Personas photo mash-up is of developing athlete and parkour academy student Maqsud Baraki. Max is one of Parkour Generations best and brightest up-and-comers who has shown a unsatiable hunger for training and parkour. An active member of the community, Max is one to keep an eye on in the future!

You can view our new Persona set on Flickr here : Personas and view the full resolution image of Max here: Maqsud Baraki and don't forget to check out more details about the Developing Athlete Program (D.A.P.) HERE.

Inspired by a very popular online Flickr gallery showcasing individuals and their personal belongings by photographer J Trav (See his Flickr gallery here), we thought it could be quite an interesting experiment to capture members of the parkour community in much the same way.
All the photography is by team member Andy Pearson. We hope you enjoy the new series and stay tuned for the next one right here.