Highlighting the contents of their bags and the shoes they are wearing at that moment in time, we have found it to be quite a revealing inside look into what traceurs/traceuses like to carry around with them from day to day.

The seventh Personas photo mash-up this week is of one of core team members, Fizz Hood. One of the leading traceuses in the community, Fizz serves as one of the back-bones of Parkour Generations by teaching the women's classes, performing in many of our shows, exhibitions and media pieces as well as being one of the organisational supremeos within the company.

You can view our new Persona set on Flickr here : Personas and view the full resolution image of Fizz here: Fizz Hood.

Inspired by a very popular online Flickr gallery showcasing individuals and their personal belongings by photographer J Trav (See his Flickr gallery here), we thought it could be quite an interesting experiment to capture members of the parkour community in much the same way.

All the photography is by team member Andy Pearson. We hope you enjoy the new series and stay tuned for the next one right here.