At the end of this month we'll be collaborating with play awareness group, Article 31.1, for a day of workshops, fun and play at Weaver's Field,  Viaduct Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 0BH. The public are welcome to come and get involved and it promises to be an interesting day, alongside urban explorers, kite flyers and even a bit of ping-pong ;)

Article 31.1 propose a Universal Right to Play inspired by Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. By extending this right to all occupants of the city and raising a collective, social and institutional duty to provide equal opportunities to play for all they aim to offer a vision of a more playful city against which our own can be measured.

It's a curated programme of events as part of the London Festival of Architecture, and Article 31.1 has a philosophy that resonates with that of parkour and our own innate nature to explore and discover our own environment - be it urban, rural, whatever.  The city’s built environment is constantly changing. Alongside hopes for regeneration and increased opportunity, the ongoing privatisation of public space and the ubiquity of surveillance threaten to cast a shadow of anxiety over this summer’s events and everyday life. While the 2012 London Olympics offers up the global spectacle of games defined by formality, is there any space left in the city to play by rules of our own making?

Dan has also been invted to give a presentation at Article 31.1's Free to Play event on July 3rd, a film-screening and panel discusion exploring the relationship between freedom and play in the city featuring a panel of players, activists and academics including:

– Urban theorist Iain Borden
– HUCK contributor and activist Olly Zanetti
– Freerunner & founder of Parkour UK and Parkour Generations Dan Edwardes
– Playlink founder & author of Play at School & Play as Culture Bernard Spiegal
– Film (TBC)

Tickets are available via the Article 31.1 website, and check out their Facebook Page too.