With over two hundred and fifty international participants from all corners of the planet, fifty plus of some of the best coaches in the world, arguably the best locations, education modules, structures, experts and community you could wish for, all in one place for one hell of an event, Rendezvous 2012 was officially PKGen's biggest, best and most enjoyable seminar to date.

We'd like to thank every traceur and traceuse that made it down to the event and hope you all took something away to further your parkour training. A HUGE thanks to all of the international coaches that made it down to London and give up their free time to selflessly give an amazing amount of professionalism, energy, knowledge and experience to the seminar. It was fantastic to have a large portion of the French Yamakasi founders and ADD Academy instructors who made it down to pass on their decades of experience and ideas straight from the source.

Big appreciation to all of the drink sponsors, snack makers, photographers, videographers, sports centres, local residents of Vauxhall and Westminster and everyone else who made the event happen flawlessly.

Finally, a big congratulations to every member of the CORE, DAP, Performance, International, Affiliate and Media Parkour Generations teams as well as the RDV Planning team who made the event the success it was.

To celebrate the event, you can now download a High-Resolution wallpaper for your computer desktop, facebook profile, iPad and iPhone from our downloadables section HERE
Group shot photo is courtesy of photographer supremo, @Kiell.