This weekend saw the third instalment of the yearly Parkour festival that is Roots of Movement hosted by Glasgow Parkour. It was attended by 200 traceurs and traceuses mostly from the various Scottish communities, but there were also some international Traceurs and, of course, team PKG. The event was both great fun and hard work!

The first day saw the attendees divided into smaller groups which then rotated around the various coaching stations set up in Glasgow's Kelvinhall Sports Arena. There were scaffolding frames, ex-theatre sets, gymnastic equipment and even a 'station' station which was next door in the old transport museum. The groups were made to shout, play games, condition, try new things and train hard and everyone walked away from the first day tired but happy.

Sunday started with some of Brian's famous games and even an experimental game. After that, everyone got to train freely on the equipment available. There were workshops running at the same time which were timetabled so that everyone got to learn according to which colour wristband they held. There were some epic jumps being broken on the day and some of team PKG experimented with 'team' catleaps.

It was an incredible weekend with a great atmosphere. New friends were made and old friends reunited to train again.Everyone left with a smile on their face. Next year we hope to see them all again - will you be there too?