This week sees the UK's 2nd annual Level 2 ADAPT Coaching Qualification Course happening in London, run on behalf of NGB Parkour UK. And it's gonna be a doozy...

The ADAPT Level 2 is the official qualification for those who want to become full parkour coaches and is the benchmark for parkour / frerunning coaching around the world. Sebastien Foucan - one of the founders of the discipline - takes his assessments next week, showing his full support and endorsement of ADAPT. this week's course involves several of the veterans of the UK scene, including Saiyans Cable and Blake, Chris Grant, Scott Houston and Omercan Cirit from Glasgow Parkour Coaching, London-based Bobby Gordon-Smith, and several newer members of our own team including Axel Dupre, Alex Pownall, Flynn Disney, Jolade Olusanya and Kristian McPhee. 

Dan and Blane will be running the course and putting the candidates through their paces in what is by far the most challenging Level 2 sports qualification in Europe.

We wish the best of luck to all the candidates and to those taking their assessments the following week as well. Strength and honour!