Tomorrow sees the start of the annual Asian Fitness Convention, the largest fitness and training event in the Asia region, and this year for the first time ever parkour is being showcased as one of the highlights of the event. 

Our team, lead by Dan, Forrest and Stephane and including Dom Willoughby, Chris Sotiriou and Johann Vigroux of PKGen Asia are now on the ground in Pattaya, Thailand, and will be delivering workshops and training sessions throughout the five-day event. Dan and Stephane are guest presenters and as such will be nvolved in several aspects of the event each day. We will also be initiating the Opening Ceremony with a display and a little surprise for the more than 600 delegates from all over Asia in attendance. 

We are very excited to have parkour represented so well at such a great event, and we are sure this will make big waves across the Asia region. Photos, videos, reports etc will all go online in due course but for now hit the link above to check out the convention and what's going on there over the coming days. It's gonna be huge.

Time to bring the pain... 




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