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Authored by baneparkour on Thursday 11

I’ve enjoyed physical conditioning for almost as long as I can remember. As a child I built a tree house without ladder access- the only means of entry was an 8 foot rope climb. From climbing trees I would naturally end up adding in pull-ups and swing drops etc… all of this was a natural extension, a by-product of time spent doing other things.

Junk Training

Authored by Drift on Wednesday 22

Last week I moved from London in the UK to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It was a move that happened as a result of my fiancé getting a new job and I tagged along like some kind of useless luggage.

I ♥ London

Authored by Drift on Friday 29

I've been incredibly fortunate to be living in London when learning Parkour as its a city that suits the discipline well. Over the last decade particularly it has seen Parkour explode and been at the centre of the global scene.

Filippo's Thoughts

Authored by Drift on Thursday 07

Filippo Coen from Milan in Italy recently joined us for a few months in London to train and explore the city. He has now returned to Milan and his team Sango Parkour and lately has been philosophising on his Parkour training and Parkour in general. His thoughts on this are in English and Italian below. 

Winter Training Tips

Authored by Nick on Thursday 07

Winter is cold, wet, and dark. Everything about it makes parkour training more challenging. Jumps get bigger and landings more challenging. Unless you want to sit on your butt for a few months of the year, though, you need to get outside and train.

Authored by Drift on Friday 11


Authored by baneparkour on Thursday 03


It's 2013 and I'm increasingly thinking about what we pass on in our training.

Thinking back to how I was introduced to Parkour- there were only a few videos online and all learning was a painstaking process of trial and error with one's self. This was many years before the birth of Youtube. Importantly, I never felt discouraged when watching these videos... quite the opposite actually. So where exactly am I going with this you may ask!

Ad Infinitum

Authored by Joe on Sunday 26

Nothing revolutionary here, just an observation.


The other day a few of us were out training, jumping about, doing our own thing, keeping an eye on the kids around us, making sure they didn't kill themselves whilst challenging us with 'can you do this?' whilst contorting themselves on a climbing frame or doing some sort of movement resembling a cartwheel. You know the scene.


Authored by Dan on Tuesday 24

For the last few years one of the workshops I’ve delivered at events and seminars around the world has been entitled Breaking the Jump, which is designed to focus on that aspect of parkour / freerunning which has always struck me as perhaps the most central, most essential , part of our discipline – that being the moment of fear and truth that arises whenever you face a jump, movement or challenge that requires you to be 100% present in order to stare it in the eye and overcome it.

Parkour Coaching


n. cue  1.a. A reminder or prompting. b. A hint or suggestion.    tr.v. cuedcu·ingcue 1. To give a cue to; signal or prompt.

The Importance of Cueing