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Leon grew up in sports, first focussing on various sprint disciplines and high jump before being steered towards 400m and then cross country running due to his extreme strength and endurance. He also embarked on a 15-year love affair with basketball, becoming renowned for being able to dunk a ten foot ring from 14 years of age and at only 5'7".

He saw and was amazed by parkour for the first time in the BBC's ident ‘Rush Hour’ in 2002 but at the time thought it to be no more than just a stuntman with neat tricks. It wasn’t until 2007 that Leon was properly introduced to Parkour via the growing number of videos online from around the world. After a period of dedicated research he found Parkour Generations and threw himself into training at the London Academy. Soon after he also went out to play every Sunday with a small group of practitioners and Team Members that has become known as the Sunday Trainings Supa XXL.

Leon likes nothing more than to challenge himself and is committed to becoming as skilled and proficient in the art as possible, and sharing positive experiences with those he meets on the way.

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